2021-22 Leaf Lumber Hockey

Release Date
March 15, 2023
4 Premium Cards Per Box

• Game Used Lumber: A Single Player game used stick card featuring some of hockey’s all-time greats such as: Jean Beliveau, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux • Complete Stick: A single player triple game used piece featuring stick, blade and tape! Look for legends and stars such as: Guy Lafleur, Mark Messier, Teemu Selanne and Nathan Mackinnon • Blades of Glory: A single player jumbo stick blade! Featuring Hockey Blade runners such as: Eric Lindros, Ken Dryden and Steve Yzerman! • Blades of Glory 2: A dual player jumbo game used blade card! Look for dual blades of: Selanne/Kariya, Yzerman/Shanahan and Sakic/Hull • Fantastick 4: a 4-player game used stick card featuring some hockey’s most fantastic dream foursomes! Look for quads such as: Hasek/Brodeur/Belfour/Fuhr and Howe/Yzerman/Fedorov/Shanahan • Goalie GR8s: 8 player game stick card featuring only goalies!! Look for legendary netminders such as: Plante/Sawchuk/Worsley/Vachon/Brodeur/Hasek/Cheevers/Dryden and Hasek/Brodeur/Esposito/Cheevers/Parent/Belfour/Fuhr/Richter • Stick Rack 2: A dual player game used stick card featuring a dynamic duo such as: Mackinnon/Makar, Beliveau/Ferguson, Jagr/Lemieux and Hull/Mikita! • Stick Rack 2 Goalies! Goalie Duos! Plante/Sawchuk, Brodeur/Hasek and Worsley/Plante! • Stick Rack 3: A 3 player stick rack featuring a dream 3 such as: Howe/Beliveau/Hull and Lemieux/Messier/Lindros • Stick Rack 4: A fearsome foursome of lumber featuring amazing quad bat cards such as: Pujols/Thomas/Bonds/Guerrero and Mantle/Mays/Mathews/Robinson • Stick Rack 6: A 6-player game used stick card featuring a legendary six sick card such as: Hasek/Brodeur/Belfour/Kolzig/Vanbiesbrouck/Fuhr and Messier/Selanne/Lindros/Forsberg/Robitaille/Oates • Twig Sigs: Single player auto stick card featuring legendary ink from the rink such as: Lemieux, Howe, Jagr, Clarke and Lindros! • Twig Sigs 2: 2 player auto Stick card featuring legendary pairings such as: Lemieux/Messier, Frank Mahovlich/Pete Mahovlich and Lafleur/Sakic! • Twig Sigs 3: 3 player signed stick card featuring a titanic trio such as: Lemieux/Jagr/Murphy, Selanne/Bure/Jagr and Messier/Coffey/Fuhr • Twig Sigs 6: A double front six signed game used Stick card! Featuring an amazing 6 signatures from legends such as Lafleur/Hull/Sittler/Dionne/Clarke/Salming and Lemieux/Bure/Sakic/Jagr/Selanne/Messier • Nameplate: Amazing 1 of only 1 nameplate right of the game used Stick!! Featuring amazing legends such as: Jean Beliveau, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux! • Dual Nameplate: Dual nameplates! Amazing piece of history featuring historical combos such as: Beliveau/Lafleur and Bobby Hull/Stan Mikita • Nameplate Signatures! 1 of only 1 signed nameplate cards! Look for Sergei Fedorov, Mario Lemieux, Peter Forsberg and Jaromir Jagr • Lumber Lineage: A 3 player triple Stick card featuring legends that carried on Hockey’s storied tradition! Such as: Hall/Esposito/Belfour, Beliveau/Lafleur/Koivu and Howe/Lemieux/Crosby • Stat Sticks: 6 player game used stick card featuring 6 stat kings that were among league leaders in PPG and game winning goals. Such as: 1961-62 GWG Mahovlich/Howe/Hull/Ullman/Mikita/H.Richard • Have Stick Will Travel: A single player game used triple bat card featuring stars that slugged for multiple teams such as: Pete Rose, Mike Piazza and Rickey Henderson! • Legendary Lumber- an 8-player dream team of hockey superstars such as: Howe/Hull/Beliveau/Mahovlich/Esposito/Mikita/Delvecchio/Ullman and Lafleur/Sittler/Trottier/Shutt/Stastny/Dionne/Hull/Clarke • Lumber Team 8s: An 8 player game used stick card featuring legends from the same franchise such as: Pittsburgh: Lemieux/Jagr/Crosby/Malkin/Francis/Kehoe/Stevens/Mullen and Montreal: Lafleur/Richard/Richard/Shutt/Robinson/Plante/Ferguson/Beliveau • Historical Goals- Single player game used stick card highlighting some of hockey history’s greatest and most important goals! Such as: Maurice Richard 50 goals in 50 games and Teemu Selanne rookie record goal! • The Exemplars- single player auto game used stick card featuring signatures of some of the games legends and elite. Such as: Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Bobby Clarke and Jaromir Jagr! • Weapons of Mass Production- single player game used stick card featuring some of Hockey history’s most productive player! Such as: Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Bobby Hull and Dominik Hasek! • Hart to Hart: Two player Hart Trophy Winners only! Such as: Beliveau/Howe, Esposito/Clarke and Lemieux/Messier! • Legendary Lumber Rack! 2 player game used stick and bat card! What a legendary rack! Look for amazing duos such as: Howe/Mantle, Lemieux/Bonds and Hull/Maris! • Countrymen Quads: A four player game stick card featuring 4 compatriots such as: Canada Howe/Lemieux/Messier/Esposito and Finland Selanne/Kurri/Koivu/Numminen • Signature Sticks: Single Player game used stick card featuring legends such as: Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe and Mario Lemieux • Signature Sticks Goalie: Single Player game used stick card featuring goalie legends such as: Hasek, Brodeur and Kolzig • Signature Sticks 2: A double sided dual auto stick card featuring a dynamic duo such as: Howe/Hull, Lemieux/Jagr and Hasek/Brodeur