2022 Leaf Lumber Baseball

Release Date
August 19, 2022
4 premium cards per box

• Game Used Lumber: A Single Player game used bat card featuring some of baseballs all time sluggers such as: Mickey Mantle, Willie Mays and Roy Campanella • Bat Speed: A single player double bat card featuring legends that are known for speed on the basepaths such as: Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines and Ichiro • Contract Hitter: A single player double bat card featuring stars that are famous for signing monster contracts such as: Bobby Bonilla, Alex Rodriguez and Mike Trout! • Sultans of Swing: a six-player bat card set featuring some of baseball’s greatest sluggers throughout baseball history! Such as: Mantle/Ott/Mays/Mathews/Snider/Williams! • The Hit Kings: 8 player game used bat card featuring stars that were among the league leaders in hits! Such as 1955: Fox/Kluszewski/Mays/Ashburn/Snider/Vernon/Mantle/Campanella • Bat Rack 3: A 3 player bat card set featuring a dream 3 for any lineup such as: Mickey Mantle/Ted Williams/Mel Ott and Willie Mays/Kirby Puckett/Mike Trout! • Bat Rack 4: A fearsome foursome of lumber featuring amazing quad bat cards such as: Pujols/Thomas/Bonds/Guerrero and Mantle/Mays/Mathews/Robinson • Bat Rack 8: An 8 player 8 game used double front bat card featuring some of baseball’s most amazing superstar sluggers! What a dream lineup! Featuring a dream team of legends such as Mantle/Williams/Clemente/Mays/Snider/Mathews/Ott/Campanella • Bat Rack Rivals: An 8 player 8 game used double front bat card featuring some of baseball’s historical rivalries such as: Dodgers v. Giants Snider/Campanella/Garvey/Cey/Mays/McCovey/Cepeda/Bonds and Yankees V. Red Sox Munson/Jackson/Chambliss/Randolph/Fisk/Yastrzemski/Lynn/Evans! • Signature Sticks: Single player auto bat card featuring baseball icons such as: Ken Griffey Jr., Rickey Henderson, Albert Pujols and George Brett! • Signature Sticks 2: 2 player auto bat card featuring dynamic duos such as: Mike Schmidt/George Brett, Rickey Henderson/Tim Raines and Johnny Bench/Carlton Fisk • Signature Sticks 3: 3 player signed bat card featuring tremendous trios such as: Mattingly/Boggs/Sandberg and Bench/Rose/Perez! • Signature Sticks 6: A double front six signed game used bat card! Featuring 6 superstar batsman such as: George Brett/Johnny Bench/Nolan Ryan/Tony Perez/Brooks Robinson! And Pete Rose/Fred Lynn/Andre Dawson/Jim Rice/Tony Perez/Keith Hernandez! • Bat Barrel: Amazing 1 of only 1 nameplate right of the game used Bat Barrel! Featuring amazing legends such as: Willie Mays, Roy Campanella, Mel Ottt and Ted Williams! • Double Barrel!: Dual nameplates! Amazing piece of history featuring historical combos such as: Winfield/Parker, Carter/Strawberry and Carew/Puckett! • Bat Barrel Signatures! 1 of only 1 signed Bat Barrel cards! WOW! Featuring Johnny Bench, Albert Pujols and Rickey Henderson! • Bat Knob: 1 of only 1 Bat Knob featuring superstars such as: Mantle, Munson, Mays, Ruth and Ichiro! • Off the End of the Bat: 1 of only 1 amazing piece taken straight off the end of a game used bat! Featuring greats of the game such as: Mays, Brett, Ott and Jeter! • Lumber Lineage: A 3 player triple bat card featuring legends that carried on baseball’s storied tradition! Such as: Ted Williams/Rod Carew/Tony Gwynn and Campanella/Roseboro/Piazza! • Stat Bats: 6 player game used bat cards featuring 6 stat kings that were among league leaders in Abs per HR and On Base + Slugging. Such as: McGwire/Ruth/Bonds/Thome/Stanton/Killebrew and Bagwell/Ott/Berkman/Mays/Votto/Belle • Have Bat Will Travel: A single player game used triple bat card featuring stars that slugged for multiple teams such as: Pete Rose, Mike Piazza and Rickey Henderson! • Legendary Lumber Lineup- an 8-player dream team of baseball superstars such as: Pujols/Morgan/Jeter/aner/Campanella/Williams/Mantle/Ott • Silver Suggers: a 8 player game used bat card featuring silver slugger winners from the same season such as: 1980: Hernandez/Randolph/Templeton/Brett/Simmons/Oliver/Oglivie/Dawson • Lumber Team 8s: An 8 player game used bat card featuring legends from the same franchise such as: St. Louis Pujols/Musial/Brock/Simmons/Smith/Flood/Hernandez/Cepeda and Pittsburgh Clemente/Parker/Stargell/Oliver/Bonds/Mazeroski/Easler/Hayes • MVP Seasons: Dual player game used bat card featuring AL and NL MVPs from the same season. Such as: 1946 Ted Williams/Stan Musial, 1966 Frank Robinson/Roberto Clemente and 1993 Frank Thomas/Barry Bonds • Historical Home Runs- Single player game used bat card highlighting some of baseball history’s greatest and most important home runs! Such as: Bill Mazeroski World Seres Walk Off, Carlton Fisk Foul Pole Wave it Fair and Kirk Gibson Pinch Hit 1988 World Series Walk Off • The Exemplars- single player auto game used bat card featuring signatures of some of the games elite. Such as: Fernando Tatis Jr., Ken Griffey Jr. and George Brett! • The Hall: Single player game used bat card paying homage to those enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Such as: Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Roy Campanella • Weapons of Mass Production- single player game used bat card featuring some of baseballs most productive players in history! Such as: Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, Mickey Mantle and Roberto Clemente! • Lumber Marks- An amazing Game Used bat card and a Cut Signature! Featuring legends such as: Billy Herman, Bobby Doerr and Al Rosen • HR Kings- Dual Player game used bat card featuring each leagues home run leaders in the same season! Such as: 1942 Mel Ott/Ted Williams, 1955 Willie mays/Mickey Mantle and 1974 Mike Schmidt/Dick Allen